Under Section 40 of the Political Parties Act 2011, the Tribunal is mandated to adjudicate on the following types of disputes:

  1. disputes between the members of a political party;
  2. disputes between a member of a political party and a political party;
  3. disputes between political parties;
  4. disputes between an independent candidate and a political party;
  5. disputes between coalition partners;
  6. appeals from decisions of the Registrar under the Political Parties Act 2011; and
  7. disputes arising out of party primaries.

A complaint may be lodged with the Tribunal on any of the above-mentioned disputes at the PPDT Registry at the High Building in Nairobi (Milimani Law Courts). The PPDT shall determine a dispute under paragraphs (a) (b), or (g) only and after the dispute has been heard and determined by the internal political party dispute resolution mechanisms. All disputes brought to the PPDT shall be handled expeditiously and shall be determined within three (3) months from the date the dispute is lodged.